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V++ = G++ = M++ = E++ = --T

A unknown incremental increase in V Velocity equals an unknown incremental increase in G Gravity equals an unknown incremental increase in M Mass equals an unknown incremental increase in E Energy equals an unknown incremental decrease in the T Passage of time.

V Velocity
G Gravity
M Mass
E Energy
T Passage of time

Linear acceleration scale.
  1. 1/4 of C linear Anti-gravity.
  2. 1/2 of C Inner-space with space intact
  3. Before C time travel into the future to location.
  4. After C time travel into the past to location.

Tungsten magnetic levitation linear accelerator To dilate gravity, space and time at C relative speeds. Use high intensity directional microwave projection to open a channel though space time then implode right before or past the speed of light C to travel into the future or the past.

One may only fold space, space intact with gravitational linear acceleration. This is Nano-tech Take to a  consistent 1/2 The speed of light to generate gravity well access inner space. Fold Space from the size of a warehouse to that of an atom. 

The Calcium Carbon Double Helix

The Calcium Carbon Double Helix is the most electromagnetically conductive and inductive substance and can be used to construct CC HELIX substrate void generators and void control coils and sensitive enough that run of off cosmic microwaves and transmitters that will hit extreme microwave frequencies.

The Calcium Carbon Nanotube

The Calcium Carbon Nano-tube is ultraconductive and can be used in ultraconductive CPU cores consisting of individual transistors or CC TUBES 
ultraconductive substrate void control and void generator coils. Mid-High microwave frequencies

Microwave Frequency of Pulse (not intensity or speed ( C ) of microwave) Chart (Theoretical) 
  1. C speed of Microwave (light)
  2. CC TUBE 1/4 of C speed frequency of pulse of Microwave Gravity alternate frequency Anti-Gravity.
  3. CC TUBE 1/3 of C speed frequency of pulse of Microwave Matter Integration alternate frequency Deintegration.
  4. CC TUBE 1/2 of C frequency of pulse of the Microwave for inner space density folding. The microwaves mimic the neutron that make molecular bonds stronger in the effected matter.
  5. CC HELIX frequency pulse of the microwave Just Before C  to time travel into the future (Speed up.)
  6. CC HELIX frequency pulse of the microwave After C to time travel into the past to location.(Reverse.) destroys the substrate. 

<The CC TUBE Coil consist of hundreds smaller capillary coils in spiraled and concentric rings each of a different size hitting different frequencies.> (Thank you Talax) CC TUBES & CC HELIX substrate void control coils and processing power allow; Microwave Matter Integration, Microwave Time dilation, Microwave and Linear Anti-Gravity, Microwave Light dilation and Cancellation, Sound Generation and Cancellation via Microwave, IR LIDAR, RADAR, MRI. Electron Microscope Imagining.

The CC HELIX substrate Disintegrates upon extreme transmission frequency bu not reception and must be Microwave Matter Reintegrated (MMR)Via CC TUBE COILS. Indestructible because of  Microwave Temporal Cancellation, temporal reversal and Microwave Matter Reintegration. 

This uses Void Generator Coils as a power source. That spin as a counter motion and charge. The outer Superconductive CC TUBES filled Void Control Coils act as the main power source as well as transmitter and receiver as do the ultra output, more ultra sensitive input A.) Green CC HELIX Regenerative Shell Void Energy Transmission/Reception Coils. B.)Tungsten magnetic levitation linear accelerator. C.)E.) Continuous CC TUBE substrate tubing throughout the design. D.) Maglev Sleeve F.) Machine controller, a Super-capacitor bank and Super Computer  consisting of Microwave Matter Reintegrated CC TUBE version of Asic Bitcoin Miners MOD CC TUBE (1400.0 TH/s) x 100,000 in a BSD Beowulf cluster.
Microwave Matter Reintegrate Clones.


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