Friday, November 6, 2015

Hydrogen Fuel Plant

Hydrogen & Oxygen generation from Salt Water via Oxygen scrubber and Sunlight.
To be used in tandem with hydrogen fuel cells. - RB

Input: Salt Water, Solar
Output: Hydrogen, Oxygen, Electricity, Drinking water.

1 Solar Furnace

The Evaporation chamber is filled with salt water.
The Solar Furnace Heats up the Evaporation Chamber.
The Steam is pumped into Chamber #2

2 Cooling Chamber and Hydrogen Output

The Cerium is Bathed in Steam.
Oxygen is removed from the water in reaction to the Cerium,
Hydrogen rises to the collector and output.
The now Cerium Oxide is steam piston driven into Chamber #3
(through a sliding door between chambers 2&3).

3 Solar Furnace and Oxygen Output

The Cerium Oxide is purged of Oxygen by the heat of the second Solar Furnace.
Oxygen rises to the top and onto output B.

The  Hydrogen & Oxygen can then be feed separately into a hydrogen fuel cell  to generate electricity.
The only byproduct is water clean enough to drink. Assembled atom by atom. Returned to the water cycle.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Iris scanner! because retinal laser scanners will burn out your eyes

take an HD picture of the red capillaries on the white Sclera,
 compare to picture on file, if the picture matches lock 1 opens
take an hd picture of the green/brown/blue Iris with a light shined into it, compare to picture on file, if the picture matches lock 2 opens.


circuit fondue. waterproof everything.

silicon security chips embedded circuits in dielectric black epoxy for security (counter circuit taping and reverse engineering) and total water proofing. must be resistant to solvents.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Gravitational pulse & time dilation notes..... feel free to comment

Observation; Matter Phases in and out of Fusion and Fission in accordance with gravitational waves at the event horizon of a black hole. the gravitational frequency of the wave is determined by the collective mass in proximity .

An unknown incremental increase in velocity, equals an unknown incremental increase in mass.
An unknown incremental increase in mass, equals an unknown incremental increase gravity.
An unknown incremental increase in gravity, equals an unknown incremental decrease in the passage of time.

v++ = m++ = g++ = - -t

c=speed of light
c2=( c) x (c)

m x(cxc)=E

89875517873681764 = c2 mps

299792458 = c mps

/1 = √c

1 / √1 - v2 / c2 = b2