Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rubber Ducky

USB Rubber Ducky is the next generation of Switchblade. It has it’s own code called duckycode for writing plugins for it. You can buy it pre-installed for $59 

Take Social Engineering to the next level with a USB Rubber Ducky Deluxe hidden inside an inconspicuous "thumb drive" case. All the fixings included. 

Since 2010 the USB Rubber Ducky has been a favorite among hackers, penetration testers and IT professionals. With origins as a humble IT automation proof-of-concept using an embedded dev-board, it has grown into a full fledged commercial Keystroke Injection Attack Platform. The USB Rubber Ducky captured the imagination of hackers with its simple scripting language, formidable hardware, and covert design.

Cross Platform

Windows, Mac, Linux, Android - they all love keyboards. Convenience is king, so when it comes to plugging in a new input device the default is to accept and obey. Keyboards represent human input afterall. Before USB there were various standards, be it PS/2, AT, Apple Desktop Bus and various other DINs. Now that everything is Universal the Human Input Device is "Plug and Play".

Hack any 4-digit Android PIN in 16 hours with a USB Rubber Ducky

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